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Taxi Dance for Ukraine
March 20, 2022
How your donations will help:

Ukrainian dancers in Charlotte have come together to decide where contributions will go. Instead of sending donations to large organizations where people feel uncertain how their money will be used, we have decided to support small Ukrainian groups and volunteers we trust who are in Ukraine right now. This way, we can see real-life, specific ways the Taxi Dance funds are making a difference.


Just a few weeks ago, Olena's (Sergei Gerasymov's sister) local sewing company in Lviv, Ukraine was an ordinary dressmaking facility. But today staff and volunteers here are working extended hours to meet the extraordinary demand for durable nylon first aid kits, wearable pouches, and other protective gear for first responders in the field and other personnel at the hospitals and makeshift shelters. 


Your support will help more life-saving medicines be packaged and delivered to those in need. 

Your support will continue to fuel the hearts and souls of everyone involved in this сrucial production. 

Your support will elevate hope! Every penny counts. Every dollar makes a difference. 


Alyona Kalinina is a professional dancer and dance instructor. A native of Ukraine, Kyiv, Alyona’s family was directly effected by recent war. Their apartment building was the first one that got hit by a missile on the 2nd day of Russian aggression. Luckily, they were already out of their home and moving west. Today, Alyona’s family is fighting to stay alive every single day. Sheltering in the country side, not too far from the Polish and Belarusian borders, Alyona’s brother is helping the community with buying and sending food to Ukrainian soldiers who are protecting them on the borders with Belarus.


At the same time as a big animal activist, Alyona will be supporting UAanimals - the animal rights organization that is focused on rescuing animals in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. They help shelters financially, provide them with food and try to evacuate animals to other countries.  


Roman Nagibin has chosen to support his friend, Olga Ataeva who volunteers with Zlagoda in Kharkiv, where Roman worked and lived for a number of years. Zlagoda is a small volunteer group providing primarily for infants and children. Olga and her team use donations to source and deliver items such as diapers, baby formula, medication and provide food to children and families.

Zlagoda (translating to "Harmony") also partners with Ukrainian psychologists to offer therapy to children in Kharkiv- one of the most devastated cities in Ukraine. You can visit the Zlagoda website to see daily updates and photos.

Proceeds will also support civilians and military needs in Kharkiv and Slovyansk (where family members of Roman live) through Roman's friends, Vadim Melikhov and Aleksey Ovchinnikov, who are volunteering with local teams. They are risking their lives to deliver food, medication and other necessities to the elderly and those in need.


Dimitry Solomakha will use funds to support the volunteer work his mother and father are leading in his hometown of Vinnytsya. Dima's parents purchase food and other necessities and deliver them to Ukrainian military members in their town and to centers for refugees.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Thank you for your supporting our country and people.

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